Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Back home...

Hey there - today we leave our wintertrip with reason to care, times up and lighthouse.
I´ve to hurry, cause the year is changing to a next one - full of chances and new situations.

I´ll post a tourdiary in the next days - watch out!
...much love goes out to my boys - without you im nothing, sundowning, gwenn, joe, karsten, paul, norman, christian and moritz.


Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009


Hey there - today were driving to Forst/Lausitz, the ReasonToCare homebase and the first showdate of our wintertrip with ReasonToCare, TimesUp and Lighthouse.

Have a look on our calender - maybe we see us on the road:


Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

Artwork series...

This is actually the newest stuff i´ve got for you.
After a long time steppin out of doin designs and some artworkstuff i decided to work on some artwork series. These are some simple black/white examples.

I´ll print 30 pieces (10 each artwork) of handmade silk screen prints in the first days of 2010. eyes open - i let you know if there´s something new to speak out!

If you´re interested in to get one of this digital artworks for your band/poster/sticker or something else, just let me know!



Hey there,
here are two of my artworks...
these both are some typical jesus and holy mary portraits.
I grab these some day in dusseldorf/germany and painted some skulls on it - sorry for this bad quality i´ll try to update this post with some more pictures - thanks.

the first step...

Hey there,
this is the first entry... feel free to get in touch or subscribe the ""
At this moment i wanna catch some of my
nondigital / digital artworks and write down some daily news
about my life / band. Listen to "Remember" on MySpace